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Real Estate

Purchasing a property, whether for one’s own home or as an investment, is one of the most important decisions an individual will make in his or her life. Having a lawyer with extensive knowledge in buying and selling properties is essential for the execution of a successful transaction. A lawyer with considerable experience in these types of transactions can help you avoid both legal pitfalls and financial issues arising from the purchase of your property.


The lawyers at Viva Legal Services, with more than ten (10) years of experience assisting brokers, sellers, buyers and investors, are experts in the real estate sector in the Western region of ​​the Republic of Panama.


Contracts, Purchases, Sales.


Corporate Law

Corporations, Foundations, Entities, etc.

A Public Limited Company is a mercantile company or institution created with a purpose and constituted under defined legal parameters. It is represented and conformed by persons capable of exercising rights and obligations in the operation of a commercial or industrial activity.


Viva Legal Services provides advice to its clients in the formation of all types of mercantile companies, in their subsequent commercial activity (including capital increases and any type of modifications), and through their liquidation. Our lawyers can assist in the design and implementation of different types of corporate structures, as well as in the reorganization and restructuring of all types of companies or groups of companies and Private Interest Foundations.


Visas & Work Permits

Visas, Residency, Pensions

Panama has become one of the most desirable destinations for tourists, retirees and investors around the world. Beautiful beaches, lush mountains, rich biodiversity, unique culture, warm atmosphere and boundless amenities attract expats looking for new and varied experiences.

Our immigration and naturalization services include advice and assistance to obtain visas, work permits, study visas, permit extensions, and entry and exit permits, as well as residence and naturalization procedures and special residence procedures, such as residency in Panama for pensioners or retirees.


Tax Law

Taxation, Reports, etc.

We act in partnership with experts in tax matters providing tax advisory services primarily related to the strategic planning and defense of taxpayers against the tax administration authority.


Our practice extends to all types of national and municipal taxes, including the corporate and personal income tax, property tax, tax on capital gains, as well as others.

Administrative Law


We provide legal assistance and guidance with all types of administrative procedures including:

  • Application for, processing and obtaining operation notices for individuals and other legal entities;

  • Application for and processing of property titles and other procedures before the National Land Authority (ANATI);

  • Customs formalities;

  • Administrative proceedings before all state authorities.

Operation notice, Procedures, etc.


Civil & Crime Litigation

Litigation is the legal confrontation between two parties with conflicting interests seeking judicial resolution through the legal process. At Viva Legal Services, we provide advice with any litigation concerning labor matters including dismissals, claims, collective bargaining disputes as well as any other labor issue arising during the daily operations of your company.

We also advise on the drafting and interpretation of employment contracts and internal regulations.

Resolution of Conflics, Dismissals, etc.


Labor Law

Business Relations, Contracts.

At Viva Legal Services we cover each and every aspect of this practice area, especially in the business arena, with the goal of helping our clients organize their labor relations according to their specific needs.

Our lawyers strive to continually earn the trust of our clients by faithfully protecting their interests before the courts, and by executing the most favorable extrajudicial solutions whenever possible.


Family Law

Divorce & Wills.

Family Law is comprised of a set of legal rules that regulate the personal and patrimonial relationships of the members of a family. These rules are intended to solve or prevent conflicts that often arise between spouses or partners or between them and their descendants.

The Viva Legal Services team, with its extensive experience in this area of ​​Law, is able to construct and/or adapt the most effective solution for each particular situation.

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